Place To Place Movers is a caring and energetic moving company that seeks to offer a fun and personable moving experience. We often say "We aren't movers moving clients, we are people moving people." We believe that professionalism and personality can coexist even in the moving industry! But we think of ourselves as more than just a moving company. We are proud to create local jobs and partner with other great local businesses. We want to use this company as a vehicle for positive change in our lives and in our community.



Local Moving

We move apartments, townhomes, houses, offices, storage units, equipment, pianos, and so much more!

Place To Place's local moving crews arrive on time and prepared to get the job done right! The crews have all of the equipment needed and the expertise to complete any task. The movers also use smart phones and tablets connected to our office so that consistent communication is maintained between you, the office, and the movers.


Long Distance Moving

Place To Place Movers is licensed to move anywhere in the country! Unlike long distance moving chains (van lines), Place To Place is locally owned and operated right here in Nashville. This means you won’t be dealing with brokers, multiple companies, different movers at each location, and other hassles.


Place To Place completes long distance moves from start to finish.


Labor Only

Over the years we have learned that no two moves are the same. That’s why we offer the Labor Only Moving Service. We understand that sometimes, you just need a little muscle! From home renovation to spring cleaning, Place To Place offers a host of solutions to help with your everyday labor needs. We offer movers to help load  and unload storage units, PODS, SAMS, rental trucks, or even your own vehicles.


We can also move items throughout your home to accommodate new floors and carpets, home renovations, home repair, or just re-arranging.


Delivery Services

We Make Deliveries.Need a local delivery in the greater Nashville or surrounding areas? We'll make sure your delivery gets to where it needs to be, on time!