Frequently Asked Questions about Moving

Q: How will I know that the movers will arrive on time?
A: You will receive a phone call from your Crew Leader upon dispatch. If there is any anticipation of tardiness, we will inform you in advance.

Q: How long does it take to move?
A: This depends on factors such as weather conditions, size of your move, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance your goods are traveling. Additionally, access for our trucks greatly factors in to your move time, so be sure to discuss access with your Move Coordinator.

Q: Is anything a no-go area?
A: Well, mainly those things you might expect. Per TDOT rules, we cannot transport plants and animals, drugs, alcohol, weapons, or ammunition. Shipping certain high value items may require you to purchase extra coverage.

Q: Can my possessions be stored temporarily?
A: Should you need Place To Place movers to store your items on the truck for 1-2 nights, be sure to call well in advance to book your move. There is a flat fee per night for this service, so be sure to ask your Move Coordinator or Account Manager about it when you call. At this point in time we do not have the means to store your belongings for more than a few nights.

Q: Will my furniture remain clean?
A: All furniture is padded, which is included in your service/travel fee. However, we highly recommend purchasing mattress bags to keep your mattresses clean during the move. Ask your Move Coordinator about them when you call to book your move! If you forget, we also keep a supply on each truck, so you can just ask your Crew Leader.

Q: Can I still move if it is raining or snowing?
A: Place To Place movers will move in rain, sleet, or snow. We have done it all! Since all furniture is padded and shrink-wrapped when we move you, there really is no cause for concern. However, if you would prefer not to move in inclement weather, please be sure to keep an eye on the forecast the week of your move in order to reschedule.

Q: Do the movers take time off for lunch? Do I need to provide lunch for them?
A: Depending on how long the move is, the movers might take a 30 minute break for lunch, during which you will not be charged. Although it is certainly not required, providing lunch for the crew is very much appreciated and might make for a shorter day because the movers will not need to leave the job site for food.

Q: Can I help during the move?
A: Yes, of course! We work at your pace. If you would like to help out and keep things moving, then more power to you! There are a few restrictions on where the customer may go (the truck and ramp are off limits for safety and liability reasons), but we have no problem with you jumping in to help otherwise. If you just want to get a lawn chair, a beverage, and point your finger, we are cool with that too!

Q: Do you move on weekends/holidays/odd times?
A: With the exception of major national holidays, we are willing to move you. We schedule moves Monday through Saturday during the day but can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis according to our availability.